United States of America, a nation whose history as a nation goes back more than five centuries, when a handful of British immigrants first reached their coasts in the seventeenth century, initially being constituted as a British colony until July 4, 1776, the date on which the independence of the United States of America was declared, after several years of struggle in 1787 its first constitution was drawn up, which was inspired by the sacred principles of equality and freedom.

Latinus USA symbolAmong its main symbols are: its motto, “in God we trust”, was approved by the national Congress in 1956, and as such is engraved on all its stamps and coins. Its flag, made up of thirteen red and white bars, alternately, in the upper left corner stand out 50 white five-pointed stars on a blue field, studies on the flag indicate that the meaning of their colors is the following: “white means purity and innocence. Red, resistance and value. Blue, the color of the command. The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man always aspires”.  Likewise, another significant symbol of the nation is the “bald eagle”, institutionalized like the national bird. Its image forms part of important symbols of the country as they are the coat of arms and the great seal of the nation.

This page has as main mission to show places and curiosities that for their beauty and magnificence, are not only of interest for the citizens of this great nation but also for people from all over the world.

Amazing U.S.A. Place: Niagara Falls

Latinus news team , Feb 2017.

Niagara Fall USA vibranceWith 54 meters of waterfall, Niagara Falls is one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world, not only for its beauty but also for the bravery of its waters, its magnificence and power. Discovered in 1678 during an expedition by the  French priest, Father Louis Hennepin, its history goes back more than 12,000 years, in a geological process originated by the strong currents, of the river Niagara, over the edge of the Niagara Escarpment–a steep slope that runs east/west from New York through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, becoming this fall in a binational phenomenon, given its location exactly on the border of the United States of America and Canada very close to the city of Ontario.

Niagara Fall state park USAThere are many adventures that you can enjoy when visiting the Niagara Fall state park, Adventure Theatre, Aquarium,Cave of the Winds, Discovery Center & Hiking Trails among other, so it is best to purchase The Niagara Falls USA Discovery Pass,  for this season, will be valid from May 20, 2017 until October 22, 2017. Nevertheless,  the park is open 365 days a year, the opening of its attractions is based on ice conditions in the Niagara River.  However, individual tickets to attractions may still be available before and after the Pass is valid.

Prices for 2017, Adult (12 years old +) : $ 45, Child (6-12 years old) :$ 34,  Niagara Falls offers FREE admission to all Park attractions to children 5 and under. Important, a transaction fee must be paid for Discovery Pass online orders. Discovery Passes and individual tickets are available for purchase at the entrance of the Park at no additional cost. More information on Niagara Fall State Park.

Amazing U.S.A. Place: Stone Mountain Georgia

Latinus news team , Feb 2017.

Stone mountain GA USA sculptureStone Mountain is a quartz monzonite dome rock. At its summit, the elevation is 825 feet (251 m) above the surrounding area. Stone Mountain is well-known not only for its geology, a type of igneous intrusion, primarily composed of quartz monzonite, the dome of Stone Mountain was formed during the formation of the Blue Ridge Mountains around 300-350 million years ago, but also for the enormous rock relief on its north face, the largest bas-relief in the world.The carving depicts three Confederate figures during the Civil War: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis(Wikipedia).

Stone Mountain was once owned by the Venable Brothers in 1887.  Gutzon Borglum, a famous sculptor,  drew up the first sketches of the memorial in 1915, for Mrs. Helen Plane, a charter member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC). She was the first person to talk about putting a memorial carving on the mountain. However, was in June 23, 1923 that carving began on Stone Mountain. The State of Georgia purchased Stone Mountain and the surrounding land to create a 3,200 acre park in 1958. But, the Stone Mountain Carving was completed in March 3, 1972 (see  stone mountain history).

Stone mountain park Georgia USAStone Mountain Park is a Family Vacation Destination in Atlanta, Georgia

“Stone Mountain Park features a wide variety of fun family activities and things to do in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Amazing adventures await as you discover interactive children’s attractions. Plus you’ll not want to miss dozens of fun annual events such as Spring FUN Break, Summer at the Rock, Yellow Daisy Festival, Native American Festival and Pow Wow, Stone Mountain Christmas and Snow Mountain. Stone Mountain activities are suitable for all ages:

  • Play in the spray or stay high and dry on Geyser Towers®.
  • Trek through the treetops on SkyHike®, the nation’s largest adventure course.
  • Take a skyride to the top of Stone Mountain and get an up-close look at the Stone Mountain Carving.
  • Ride a scenic train around the mountain.
  • Spend the night in a tent or your RV at the largest Georgia campground.
  • Let Stone Mountain plan and host your company picnic or family reunion at a covered outdoor pavilion.
  • End your day at the world’s largest laser light show featuring a fantastic fireworks finale!” (take from stone mountain park activities).

Amazing U.S.A. Place: The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Latinus news team , Feb 2017.

Lava lake within Halema‘uma‘u Crater Hawaii USA
Lava lake within Halema‘uma‘u Crater

Talking about volcanoes in Hawaii, it introduces us into a long historical cycle of hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity that immersed this particular geographic space into a sinuous evolutionary process of migration and progressive changes, injecting virgin earth from the depths of the earth to the sea, building a complex and unique ecosystem, where everything is different, its colors, its dimensions, its forms and even, its people, its culture, and its different way of thinking than the rest of human beings.

This large ecosystem, with more than 1348 km² of land, is known as
The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, established in 1916 on the island of Hawaii, shows diverse topographical features ranging from sea level to the top of the largest volcano on the face of the earth,the Mauna Loa of 4170 Meters in height, also in its territory is located Kīlauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Kilauea Hawaii USA volcano lava
Kilauea volcano lava

Kīlauea and his caldera Halema’uma’u were traditionally considered the sacred home of “Pele”, and the Hawaiian natives visited the crater to give offerings to the goddess. According to Wikipedia, the first Westerner who visited the place, William Ellis and the American Asa Thurston, found Kilauea in 1823. In recognition of its important natural value, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

The National Park of Hawaii Volcanoes, is open 365 days a year and offers several alternatives to visit, at relatively cheap costs, one way is a car ride, $ 10 per vehicle valid for 7 days, recommend two routes: First, explore the top of the Kilauea volcano via Crater Rim Drive, an 11-mile (18 km) road that circles the top of the caldera, passes through the desert, sumptuous rainforest, traverses the bottom of the caldera and offers access to well marked scenic stops and short walks. The second, the East Rift and the coastal area of the park via the Chain of Craters. This road has a descent of 3,700 feet (1,128 m) over a 20 mile (32 km) journey. It is an inhospitable route without any kind of service on the way.

Lava kamokuna ocean Hawaii USA
Lava kamokuna ocean

The other way is to explore the park by walking using various trails, which allow you to explore the park on several days, allowing the visitor to enjoy authentic adventures, and more emotions in each of these routes, the entry fee per person is only $ 5 /week.

Finally, given the unparalleled features and unusual risks that may be attached to this adventure, we will leave you with some of the most important tips suggested by Hawaii volcanoes national park advisors:

“Volcanoes are dynamic and ever-changing natural phenomena. The flow information, distances, and other lava information provided can change at any time.”

“…all who attempt to hike out the lava flows are urged to prepare ahead and bring a 2-4 liters or quarts of water for every person in your party, sun protection, a hat and wear strong hiking boots or shoes. If you hike out later in the day, ensure you have a good flashlight and extra batteries in case you are out after dark…”

“Stay safe, and be very mindful of poor air quality. When plumes of hazardous volcanic gases (sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid) are blown along shore, they are a threat to your health…”

“…Be aware that even in the open areas, volcanic gases are likely to be at unhealthy levels. Volcanic gases are a danger to everyone, particularly to people with heart or respiratory problems and infants, young children and pregnant women. Check with rangers at the end of Chain of Craters Road about current conditions before you head out, review the exhibits, and obey all closures and signs…”

“Respect the Hawaiian culture. Do not poke lava with sticks or other items. Do not roast marshmallows or cook foods. To many Hawaiians, molten lava is the kinolau, or body form, of volcano goddess Pele. In addition, it is a federal offense to remove, destroy, alter, deface, dig or disturb anything from its natural state in a national park…”

“Pets, motorized vehicles, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and overnight camping on the flow field within the park are prohibited.”