Mission: open a window to all the citizens of the world who participate or wish to participate in the struggle to save the planet, to express their ideas, sharing situations, presenting real cases that are coming in their communities, as well as alternatives to face such situations. Hoping to do so, make a small but significant contribution, so that human beings become aware of the imminent danger that this situation may mean for our future generations, call them children or grandchildren, who are increasingly facing major natural disasters or serious diseases such as ebola, bird flu, etc.

Vision: With this program we intend to open a space that reaches all citizens of the world in the next two years.

Target: All citizens of the world, specialty young people between 30 and 40 years of age.

Values: this is a non-profit program, so it is based in a very special way on honesty, sincerity, good faith, desires to learn from the experience of others, respect others regardless of race, creed or sex, watch over achievement of the objectives of the program and guarantee the equal participation of all.

How does S.O.S Planet Program work?

  1. Subscriber as a user "contributor" in our SOS Planet Community Newsletter. Registration is required to be able to receive, review and publish your  experiences. Please, read the SOS Planet Community terms and conditions before subscribe in the program.
  2. Once subscribed, you can send us a summary of your case with the following specification:
    A summary text 120 word max .
    Two good original pictures.
    A link to the organization or program website working in that case if any.
  3. Fill up the sharing SOS Planet form  below with your information and send it to us.

What are the requirements to participate in the S.O.S Planet Community Program?

First of all, honesty, sincerity, desires to share with other citizens of the planet, nothing about political issues,  respect for all members of the community. Provide reliable and timely information and always act in good faith. Certify by checking the corresponding checkbox, you have read and accept the following terms and conditions of the SOS Planet community program.

Subscription Form SOS Planet Community Newsletter

By subscribing I accept terms and conditions


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Sharing in S.O.S Planet Community Program

Are you ready to start writing your case?, fill the Sharing Form up with your case, please no more than 120 words, after latinus team approve, we will ask you  to upload a couple of good picture, let us know the link of your organization if any, indicating in writing  that you accept the conditions to participate in the SOS planet program and send.

Thank you...Latinus team 2017

Sharing Form SOS Community Program

Case details, please 120 words max...no image required.
By sharing I accept terms and conditions

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