Miami an extension of the tropic Caribbean, with its 24 ° C average temperature throughout the year is the ideal escape from the cold northern territories of the United States and Canada. Miami with its blue beaches and white sands, has in its city cultural spaces, beautiful places where to enjoy a good Cuban coffee or visit its jungle island a true paradise for thousands of tourists annually.

Emblematic Sites

Ocean Drive
A place that you have to know, walk along its street and enjoy the sea view, its cafes, people strolling or playing, the classic image of film doing gymnastics on the beach, walking on rollers or bike, very cute to stroll in the afternoon or enjoy at night, it seems that you are in a movie when you walk along this street.

Little Havana
Enjoy the delicacies of traditional Cuban gastronomy, a good cafe or a Latin American star concert on 8th Street west of downtown. You will always find something good to see in this picturesque area of Miami.

Tourist Destinations

Miami Seaquarium
Located about 16 minutes from downtown Miami on Biscayne Bay is the largest seaside resort in the United States, home to the world famous dolphin Flipper. From 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., it is open every day. In their shows, in addition to seeing killer whales, seals and other marine species, you can swim with the dolphins.

Jungle island
A kind of enchanted tropical forest, located on the way to Miami beach, with hundreds of animals including birds, fish, exotic animals and reptiles of various varieties. It is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment with family. It is open everyday from 10am to 5pm.

Travel Requirements

Ready to travel to Miami

Do not forget to prepare a travel plan. If you come from another country check the entry requirements, passport, visa, vaccines, permits to transport pets ... If you come from another state of the union, certify if you do not need some kind of special permit for your pets.
Use our guide and other services to determine requirements and develop a travel plan that includes all the details to enjoy if no concern your holiday trip.

Miami is a city where millions of tourists enter annually, which makes their customs very strict and demanding when reviewing the documentation of people entering the United States of America.

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