Traveling to the Caribbean means to find myths and realities that transcend together the history of the American continent and its ancestors. But it also means to know paradisiacal places, beautiful beaches, towns and people willing to share their customs, dances, typical foods, in cheerful, colorful environments, each trip is a different adventure, each place is a new magic reality that you will know. Welcome to the Caribbean ... sea, sky, land and people.

Punta Cana

Visited by millions of tourists annually, Punta Cana is a beautiful piece of land, cheerful and enlightened on all sides. It has about 30 miles of beaches with transparent waters, white sand and fine as talc, and hundreds of palm trees that shelter with their shade and color all the coast.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is joy, charm, an island where you can enjoy sea and land adventures, with beautiful beaches, mountain exciting tours and happy nights in its cozy towns and cities, such as old San Juan. Its famous meals and drinks inside and outside the country are the best guarantee that you will enjoy the best trips ever made by you.


Jamaica with an impressive variety of flora and fauna, has become a destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world. Finding in this beautiful Caribbean country innumerable touristic complexes, famous golf courses and much musical activity with its Reggae.


Aruba with its white sands on its deserted beaches, has the widest variety of casinos and hotels in the Caribbean, with a busy nightlife. The pleasure of traveling to Aruba is unique and exciting. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful island annually.


Curacao is an economic destination with many options to enjoy with your family. Its beaches, its people, its beautiful and old city with a marked dutch style, in addition to its casinos and places to enjoy a good dinner or dance with Latin music to the Caribbean rhythm.


Barbados is ideal to visit with family for the multiplicity of options of tourist activities that can be realized in group. Visit the historic city of Bridgetown, meet "Harrison Cave", admire its natural landscapes on a tram ride, and much more ...


Cancun, located about 1700 km from Mexico City, is one of the favorite destinations for US and Canadian citizens. Its beautiful beaches, the warmth of its people and its exciting nightlife make it a cozy place desired by many tourists worldwide.


Belize is perhaps one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. There you will find preserved ancient Mayan cities, leafy tropical jungles, white sand beaches and many other tourist treasures hidden in its crystalline shores.


The Bermudas Island is a great destination for golf lovers. This former British colony keeps many of the English traditions alive, where you can still enjoy the afternoon tea in many of its hotels, view a game of cricket or visit one of its famous fields of golf.