Punta Arenas, located in the southernmost place  of the American continent, is a very beautiful archipelago that not only connects two oceans, but also allows the encounter of two countries Chile and Argentina, which in addition to its extreme natural beauties offers to the tourists a  very attractive tax-free zone market


Punta Arenas lies 3,090 kilometers South of Santiago de Chile in the Magallanes Region. It has on the airway the best alternative to reach the city.  The other alternative is to travel in a comfortable bus bed for about 40 hours and with an approximate cost of $ 200 round trip from Santiago.

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Open Season

Punta Arenas is one of the  most visited tourist place in Chile, it can be selected as a tourist destination any day of the year, the only thing you have to prevent is its climate  with substantial rainfalls year round and plentiful snowfalls in the winter, when temperatures drop below zero.

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