Madrid Smile You


Madrid with a historical tradition that goes back to year 865  when it is said that a Muslim fortress was built on the shores of apple orchards, where several centuries later, in 1561, Felipe II chose to establish his court and that later it would become the Madrid that today we know.

Madrid is a very hospitable city, whose inhabitants feel proud of its gastronomy and its wines, is a city that is also full of attractions  that receive thousands of tourist visits annually, among which we can highlight :

National Museum of the Prado
Main Square
Puerta del Sol
Retiro Park
Royal Palace

Ready to Smile in Madrid

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Latinus S.O.S Planet

Latinus S.O.S Planet by EndPoverty

By latinus team, Apr 2017.- The World Bank has taken a big global challenge to help the world’s poorest people and ensure that everyone sees benefits from economic growth. Data and research help them understand these challenges and set priorities, share knowledge of what works, and measure progress...its theme..."together we can build momentum to #EndPoverty and promote prosperity for all".Would you want to get involved in its campaigns, events, and social media challenges in the coming months? Join others who also believe that #ItsPossible to end poverty, if we all work together.

Note: this is a free contribution of the latinus team in our desire to save the planet ... under the motto: "Save the planet saving a kid by #EndPoverty"

Latinus S.O.S Chimpanzees

By latinus team, Jan 2017.- There are two species of chimpanzees in the world, called the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the pygmy chimpanzee known as Bonobo (Pan paniscus), both are in danger of extinction. these species have behaviors that associate them in many ways with humans, and both share more than 98 percent of their genes with our species. The main threats that have led to its progressive disappearance are, among other things, the diseases, in fact the Ebola caused the death of tens of thousands of these beings, and on the other hand, illegal hunting, poaching, the increasing proximity of urban centers, has brought as a consequence the killing of chimpanzees to eat their meat, to market their skin, and even small ones are sold as pets. According to the World Wildlife Fund, chimpanzees have disappeared from many countries of Africa and the population is estimated in something more than 300,000 animals. More information on World wildlife organization.

Latinus S.O.S Planet: Solar Storm

By latinus team. Jan 2017.- Since the end of 2016, it has been talking about the possibility of a great solar storm that would affect our planet in the first months of 2017. But, what is a solar storm?. How would it affect humans?. What should we do if it occurs?. Solar storms are violent eruptions that occur on or near the surface of the sun, which are associated with sunspots. It is a common phenomenon that rarely has relevant effects. Solar energy particles are ions and electrons ejected from the sun as a result of these eruptions. Some of the most intense solar storms known to have occurred in 1859 and it was said to cause serious damage to the existing communication systems for that time, the telegraph, both in the United States and in Europe, in addition of observing luminous auroras in the sky especially in the Caribbean sea and the south of Florida. USA. With the great advances of our satellite system,  it is predicted that the electromagnetic effects of the solar storm could cause major disruptions of our planetary system, but more of it seems that humans should not be worried. Image from NASA publications.

Latinus S.O.S Planet: Global Warming Effect

By latinus team, Feb,2017.- Nine seven percent of studies on global warming published in recent years point to man as the great culprit. However, in countries that manage very advanced information technology like England, more than 25% still doubt the serious consequences that global warming can bring to the world. Now, colloquially speaking, which means global warming?. A word “gases”, that is so simple, we all participate in a kind of contest to see who emits as many gases as possible, industries the first, but also the common citizen not only when we use a pesticide, but also, when we celebrate a barbecue, burns a meadow , mobilizes our vehicle daily, every gram of gas we emit, goes straight to the top of our atmosphere, becoming a large sponge, which absorbs and retains more heat than living beings on planet earth need and causing the continued melting of our polar reserves that are responsible for maintaining the thermal equilibrium on the planet ... What to do?. This seems obvious, every human being knows what he must do to face this situation. It is time to start. Image from National Geographic publications

Here you can sharing with us one special case of S.O.S planet...

Find Worldwide Legit Visa Requirements


Servicio de Pasaporte y Visa Online


Pasaporte Express USA

Solicitar un pasaporte por intermedio de una oficina postal local en USA, puede tomar hasta seis meses para enviar aplicación,  procesar y emitir el documento. Con el servicio exprés de VisaHQ la aplicación es sometida de manera inmediata a la U.S. Passport Agency, pudiéndose procesar nuevas solicitudes, renovar o reemplazar pasaportes extraviados tan rápido como 48 horas.


Visa Online USA

Al igual que los pasaportes las visas de cualquier país con consulado o embajada en USA VisaHQ las puede tramitar en tiempo record. Es importante tener en cuenta lo siguiente: VisaHQ es un servicio privado y cobra por sus servicios, estos costos pudieran ser mucho más bajos si el interesado hace sus trámites personalmente.


 Requerimientos por País


1. Seleccionar ciudadanía del solicitante
2. Seleccionar país destino.
3. Esperar un par de segundos para ver requerimientos
4. Hacer click sobre flecha para más detalles


Preguntas Comunes


Cliente de VisaHQ están en manos seguras. El personal experto de esta empresa ha procesado satisfactoriamente cientos de miles de documentos de viajeros internacionales sin ningún percance. VisaHQ garantiza precisión, eficiencia y confiabilidad en todos sus trámites, por lo que no dudamos en recomendarla como un proveedor de servicios seguro y rápido.


VisaHQ  se esforzará para  asegurar que su pasaporte y visa llegue a sus manos a tiempo para su viaje. No obstante, es importante, aclarar que los tiempos de procesamientos estimados son indicados por las embajadas y el departamento de Estado bajo circunstancias normales, por lo que a discreción de dichos entes dichos tiempos pueden sufrir algunas variantes, modificando la fecha estimada de entrega de los mismos a sus solicitantes.

Tiempo Procesamiento

Bajo circunstancias normales cada Embajada y el Departamento de Estado estiman un lapso de entrega. Por lo que los tiempos de procesamiento varían de acuerdo al país. Así por ejemplo, una aplicación de solicitud de Visa ante la Embajada de China cualquier día hábil en la mañana, pudiera ser entregada ese mismo día en la tarde, y si el solicitante seleccionó la opción de envió overnight, puede recibir su documento el siguiente día. 


Planificando un Viaje?

Permitenos ayudarte a conseguir la Aerolínea ideal y el mejor Hotel en el destino que seleccionaste

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Latinus World Curiosities

Welcome to Latinus World Curiosities, where we will share facts such as famous people, traditions, customs, beliefs, animals, events or situations of interest to all the inhabitants of the world.

Famous Characters: Mahatma Gandhi

By latinus news, feb 2017.

Latinus online wonderful sunsetJust as there are many places, objects and curious beings in the world, there have also been great characters throughout the world who, in their journey through the land, left indelible traces, which they illuminate paths full of wisdom. We will leave some phrases for the life of one of them, Mahatma Gandhi, who was born in the year 1869 and died tragically in 1948, transcended in the history of humanity, by his thought, his word and his action. We hope that the following phrases from Gandhi can inspire you for your life, your projects and your business:

Phrases for everyone

“… take care of your thoughts because they will become your words … watch your words because they will become your actions … watch your actions because they will become your habits … take care of your habits because they will become your destiny. .. “
“… when there is a storm the little birds hide while the eagles fly higher …”

“… live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever …”

“… no difficulty can bring down those who have faith in their mission ..”

“… each has to find inner peace, and peace to be real should not be affected by external circumstances …”

“… the infinite effort to be the best is the duty of man, it is his own reward, everything else is in the hands of God …”

“… happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony…”

“…the best way to find yourself, it is to lose yourself in the service of others…”

“… the purpose of life is to live properly, to think correctly, and to act correctly. The soul must languish when we give all our thoughts to the body …”

“… it is the quality of our work that will please God, not quantity …”

 Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

He was from a wealthy family, studied law at University College London…. He started as an activist in South Africa, not in India. He married at the age of 13 and was killed by an Indian partner at 79 years old.

World Curiosities: Cupid and saint Valentin

By latinus news, feb 2017.

Latinus online amazing tourist sculptureWho was Cupid ?. According to Roman mythology, he was the son of Venus and its Greek equivalent would be Eros, son of Aphrodite. Many legends are mentioned about this mythology person, some considered him a capricious god, who entertained himself by pointing men and women with his arrows, to satisfy his perverse needs for fun, and liked to control people by mastering their basic passions and instincts and even sexual.

On the other hand, who was Valentine?. He was a priest of the Roman third century, who defied the prohibitions of the emperor Claudius II, in relation to the consummation of marriages between young people. It was secretly engaged in marriages, causing a great stir in the capital of the empire, which unfortunately caused its execution by order of the emperor, February 14, 270.

Now, how did they relate ?. Certainly there is no verifiable information about how they came to relate until they become the main protagonists of the month of love, there are only two elements that could unite them in that purpose, on the one hand the fact that Saint Valentin, became a hero who was sacrificed for putting his love into practice the month of February.

Whereas, Cupid symbolized for the Romans the god of the carnal desire and its celebration in the old Rome was denominated Lupercalia. The festival of Lupercalia was celebrated in honor of the god Lupercus, whom the Romans commonly venerated as the guardian of the herds and god of the fertility, who granted sexual license throughout the month of February.

However, nothing in the history establishes a relation between these two personages, until from 1840, in the United States, Esther Howland, design and commercialize the first postcards of Valentine, it is possible to emphasize that in their designs they alternated hearts with figures of Cupid, thus giving beginning to the commercialization of the day of the lovers, with these two figures as central character.

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A team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs that we have established as our main mission to share with our visitors the most information we can collect and transmit about places and curiosities of our planet earth, our site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our headquarter is located in South Carolina, U.S.A.


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London Views

London Capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most visited cities in the world

 Its cosmopolitan city characteristics, together with its respect for its traditions, the preservation of its cultural spaces and its diversity of tourist sites make it one of the favorite places for tourists worldwide. London is a city of which it is easy to fall in love; so, let us to help you to know some of its most emblematic service and places.


London Transport

London BusLondon Underground

 London has one of the largest underground networks in the world, with eleven lines in operation, allowing you to travel comfortably from one end to the other, from anywhere in the city. It is the best way to travel great distances at a relatively cheap price.


Famous for its punctuality and belonging to the Londoners, is a comfortable and very pleasant way to tour the city. For short trips is a wonderful alternative, especially to move from one place to another in the center of London.



Given the high costs of individual tickets, the city offers visitors an alternative that will save you a lot if you decide to move using public transport, The Travelcard, valid for the underground tube and public transport in general, the advantage is that you can travel unlimited with a single payment. The cost of a daily adult card is approximately $ 22, children under 11 do not pay, between 11 and 15 pay half. The travelcard can be purchased at any metro station.

Do not forget to download and print the maps of the underground tube here: TUBE MAP


For those who have more possibilities there is another alternative as they are the striking, elegant and comfortable, the famous Black Cabs of London.


London Big Ben

London Big BenKnown as Big Ben, the famous clock of the Houses of Parliament is the symbol of English punctuality, making it one of the most important representative images of London, as well as one of the main emblems of the city.

The tower, part of the Palace of Westminster, is a 106-meter-high building built in a Gothic style in 1858, which houses a large bell tower of more than 14 tonnes, as well as four huge clocks in each of its Facades

The clock of the Big Ben Tower was put into service in May 1859, becoming national pride, to the extent that its chimes are transmitted daily by the BBC's most famous radio station in London.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace LondonOfficial Residence of the British Royal Family in London since 1837. It has 775 rooms and 160,000 square meters of Jardin, making it the largest palace in the world.

Currently, the palace has its residence of Queen Elizabeth II, so that visits to it are quite restricted, for a short time between the end of July and the end of September. However the visits to the gardens of the palace and to observe the famous changes of the honor guard of the palace are open to the public in general and free of charge, every day of the year.

Built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, the building was purchased as a private residence by King George III in 1762, as a gift for his wife Charlotte, becoming the official residence of Queen Victoria.

Popular  Ticket Prices


Honor Guard LondonTicket valid only for entry Buckingham Palace and State Halls:

Adults: £ 23.
Students and over 60s: £ 21.
Children under 17 years: £ 13.
Children under 5 years: free admission.
Families: 59 pounds (2 adults and 3 children under 17)

Visitor Season


July 22 to August 31 2017: 09:30 to 09:30 (last entry at 17:15).

1 September - 1 October 2017: 09:30 to 18:30 (last entry at 16:15)


Routes to get Buckingham Palace


Metro: Green Park, Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.

Bus: lines 11, 211, 239, C1 and C10.


The London Eye

london eyeA giant wheel located on the south bank of the Thames river in London. Also known as the Millennium Wheel,  the Ferris wheel is a design and engineering achievement built over seven years by hundreds of workers from five different countries.

The structure is 443 feet (135 m) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 394 feet (120 m). When erected in 1999 it was the world's tallest ferris wheel, however its height was surpassed by the at least three structure, the last, the 550 feet (168 m) High Roller of Las Vega, U.S.A.  built  in 2014.

After its inauguration in 2000,  The London Eye has become one of the most important icons in the city and all over United Kingdom.

Tickets Prices

Normal ticket prices: subject to entry schedule

Adult (16+ years): £ 24.95
Children (4 to 15 years): £ 19.95
Children (0-3 years): free

Fast Track: Available in input tachy for immediate access

Adult (16+ years): £ 34.95
Children (4 to 15 years): £ 29.95
Children (0-3 years): free



Visitor Season

The London Eye's schedule is daily, open every day except during the maintenance period and on Christmas Day.

Summer timetable from 10.00 to 20.30 (from late May to early September)
Winter timetable from 11.00 to 18.00 (rest of the year, except school holidays and special dates)

Routes to get London Eye

Metro: Westminster (Circle, Center and Jubilee lines) and Waterloo (Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern and Waterloo & City lines).
Bus: lines 211, 77 and 381.


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Latinus Travel Plan

Latinus travel plan


Claves del Plan de Viaje

Nombre del país destino, historia reciente, ubicación de la embajada de tu país, números de emergencia.

¿Viajas con niños, mascota, alimentos, medicinas de uso permanente?

¿Conoces los requerimientos financieros, y seguros de viajes exigidos por el país que estás pensando visitar?

¿Sabes si tu país destino requiere algún tipo de vacuna para los visitantes de países como el tuyo?

Si en el itinerario de tu viaje haces trasbordo en diferentes países debes verificar si exigen visa a los pasajeros en tránsito.

¿Ya compraste todos los pasajes y reservaste habitación en todos los sitios que piensas visitar?

Viajando con Menores

Si uno de los padres, o una tercera persona viaja con un menor de edad a cualquier país del mundo, debe cumplir  los siguientes requisitos: llevar una autorización expresa legalizada ante una autoridad competente del padre o madre faltante, o de ambos si viaja con un tercero. Llevar todos los documentos de identidad del menor, pasaporte y visa. Llevar el documento  que demuestra la filiación legal de los padres, patria potestad, documento de adopción según sea el caso y el país de destino.  Por lo general, las autoridades fronterizas son muy cuidadosos en la revisión de estos casos, para evitar cualquier tipo de secuestro o el uso de documentos falsos para ejercer custodia ilegal de menores.

Viajando con Medicamentos

Si necesita llevar medicamentos con prescripción,  debe tener en cuenta lo siguiente: todo medicamento debe llevarse en el equipaje de mano, en el contenedor original, con su respectiva etiqueta visible.  si viaja por un largo plazo, asegúrese de llevar toda la medicina que pueda requerir durante el viaje, nunca deje para comprar medicinas en el país destino, es posible que su recipe no tenga validez en ese lugar. Un informe médico, detalles del tratamiento, nombre genérico y dosis,  con los datos de contacto del médico tratante es importante llevarlo a mano.  Toda instrumentación requerida para aplicar el tratamiento debe ser debidamente certificada por el médico tratante. Si el tratamiento incluye algún tipo de droga psicotrópica  o narcótico, debe ajustarse a las regulaciones internacionales para el uso y transporte de ese tipo de sustancia.

Seguro de Viaje Obligatorio

Los  siguientes países exigen con carácter de obligatoriedad adquirir una póliza de Seguro, cobertura mínima de €30 mil, que incluya repatriación en caso de enfermedad o muerte: Austria, República Checa, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia,Alemania, Hungría, Islandia, Italia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malta, Noruega, Polonia, Portugal, Suecia y Suiza. Se exceptúan de este requisito a los visitantes de los siguientes países: Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Brasil, Colombia, México, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Japón and Sur Corea...Otros países que requieren seguro de viaje con repatriación: Algeria, Iran, Cuba, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ucrania.

Seguros de Viaje No Obligatorios

Si entre los planes de viaje se encuentra el conducir un vehiculo durante largos trayectos en diferentes países es importante consultar los requerimientos legales de cada país en referencia a los seguros de accidente y de responsabilidad civil. Igualmente es recomendable, mas no obligatorio,  tomar una póliza de seguro para cubrir las siguientes contingencias durante el viaje: Pérdidas de vuelos o conexiones, emergencias familiares o imprevistos que requieren regreso anticipado, robo, daño, pérdida de equipaje o retardo en recibirlo.  Igualmente es recomendable tomar pólizas de seguro de viaje que cubran todas las actividades a realizar, incluyendo aquellas consideradas de alto riesgo como submarinismo, rallies automovilísticos, o motocicletas, patinaje sobre hielos, canotaje, escalada de montañas,  entre otras.

Viajando con Mascotas

Lo primero, consultar al consulado o embajada de cada país que piensas visitar, sobre los requerimientos de control animal exigidos a los visitantes con mascotas. Segundo, muy importante, asegurate que la aerolínea donde piensas viajar permite el viaje con mascotas, muchas aerolíneas no lo permiten.  Si eres ciudadano o piensas viajar a Estados Unidos  en el siguiente enlace puedes ver los requerimientos de ese país.

Requerimientos USA

Viajando con Alimentos

En este aspecto debes ser muy cuidadoso, la mayoría de los países, especialmente en Europa, tienen muchas restricciones en cuanto al tipo de alimento y los envases en que se transportan, frutas, semillas, carnes, quesos, son mayormente prohibidos transportar salvo aquellos envasados de manera segura y debidamente sellados, envases de vidrios tienen restricciones por razones de seguridad. En general, salvo que sea estrictamente necesario y debidamente justificado, lo más recomendable es no transportar alimentos durante los viajes.



Pasaportes y Visas

Cada país tiene su propio requerimiento legal para identificar y autorizar el ingreso de sus visitantes. Algunos tienen acuerdos transnacionales y solo requieren el documento de identidad del país de origen,   la mayoría exigen portar un pasaporte, y unos cuentos requieren tener una visa emitida por la embajada o consulado del país de origen del visitante. En el siguiente enlace puedes buscar los requerimientos de ingreso de cualquier país que tengas planes de visitar.

Requerimientos de Ingreso

Requisito Vacunacion

Por razones de salud y control de enfermedades endémicas, tales como el cólera, fiebre amarilla, sika, chikungunya, entre otras algunos países exigen la vacunación de visitantes provenientes de países potencialmente afectados por tales enfermedades. En el portal de la organización mundial de la salud, con cierta regularidad se publican los requisitos de todos los países del mundo en materia de exigencia de vacunación para el ingreso a su territorio.

Ver portal de OMS

Todo Listo para Viajar

Permitenos ayudarte a conseguir la aerolínea ideal y un confortable hotel para hospedarte en tu ciudad destino


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